Useful Tools

Today, workplaces now have the latest technologies to make jobs more efficient and easier. To lawyers, this is not an exception. Here are some useful tools you can use to help them provide the best legal service:

Research Applications


Stop spending countless hours of research. New tools are now available online for lawyers to do their research. A good example is Ravel Law. This application allows you to efficiently search data, analyze the results and make great research. The application gets all its information from the Harvard Law Library. Another application good for lawyers is Casetext. The application is free to law students but demands a subscription if you are already a lawyer. The application has an automated keyword based search engine which means it provides lawyers with the best quality research available.

Accounting Applications


Today, there is already a huge array of accounting applications available. These apps can provide you services such as legal calendars, time trackers, as well as compute invoices. Accounting apps is a must for startup firms so that they can automate as much work as possible. Some examples of great accounting application for lawyers are Abacus Law and Legal Files.

Virtual Office


Setting up your own virtual office can provide a lot of benefits for a young lawyer such as having more time for clients, reduced costs and the ability to run your firm for 24-hours.