5 Tips To Avoid Legal Malpractice For Lawyers

Lawyers usually protect their client’s interests but it is also vital to protect themselves from malpractice of the law. One of the factors that can lead to legal malpractice is bad communication of the lawyer and client.

But no matter what the reason why legal malpractice occurs, we must know the ways to avoid it.

Written Contracts

When you are catering to a new client, be sure to give them your core services in written contract. The written contract must include the terms of your service, your retainer and the things that you are obligated to do under the retainment.

Know Your Client Better

This is supposed to be the most important tip of all. You have to determine your obligations, your relationship with the client and the involvement of the client with the firm. State your terms clearly.

Deadlines Should be Met

This is the most common problem for new lawyers. Most young lawyers underestimate the workflow and does not do time management. You must set realistic deadlines and finish your obligations ahead of the deadline to avoid conflicts with your clients. Earlier delivery of tasks means your client will be satisfied.

Refer Clients

Entertaining clients in an area you are not familiar with is very risky. Instead, build your reputation by referring such clients to lawyers that can handle those cases. Misrepresenting a case can be too much to handle. Building friendships with fellow lawyers can lead to referred clients coming to you.

Avail Malpractice Insurance

In cases of a worst case scenario, having insurance can help a lot. Insurance policies for malpractices differ from company to company. This means you should read the terms and benefits before choosing the right company and policy.

Practice these tips at your law firm to avoid legal malpractice. If you focus on giving great legal services at a reasonable rate then getting your own lawsuit should be the least of your problems.